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Your Information

Terms of Service(Required)

These terms and conditions are an agreement between the sender and Paladin Cards, LLC (Paladin Cards). Any changes must be in writing and have prior approval prior to the start of the submittal process. Paladin cards has a partnership with The Grading Authority (TGA). All Grading service will be completed by TGA.
Service Information:
1. We will grade using a 20-day business day grading service, exclusive to Paladin Cards. This means that after TGA receives the submission, grading will be complete in 20 business days. We will notify you, the sender, once TGA receives the submission.
2. The cost to grade an individual card is $25. Additional costs for Holographic labels and pull and peel label covers, which can be requested.
By choosing to submit cards for grading and/or pre-grading processes at TGA Via Paladin Cards, You, the sender, hereby accept the terms and conditions as described below:
Submittal Information:
1. Please place your cards in brand new clean, soft sleeves (i.e. penny sleeves). Then place the sleeved cards in a semi rigid card protector, or Top loader. Please submit only one card per top loader/ Semi Rigid protectors. Please do not use tape on the top loader/ Semi Rigid protectors, Paladin Cards LLC is not responsible for the damaged caused by taping the top loader/ Semi Rigid protectors.
2. Please ensure that you send your submission to us to the address we provide, and in the manner recommended for shipping. Paladin Cards, LLC is not to be held liable for any damages that may occur in the shipping process to us.
3. You, the sender, MUST fill out our online form and provide a copy of your submission form. signed, INSIDE the package you send.
Paladin Cards does not accept any responsibility for cards/items while in transit to us nor upon signature. If a signature is requested. Paladin Cards signature is not to be a confirmation that the package arrived, undamaged. We provide recommendations on how to ship but it is solely the discretion of the sender whether they follow our instructions or use their own methods.
Packages will be inspected withing in 2-3 business days upon receipt of the package.
Paladin Cards maintains its meticulously high standards when it comes to inspections. We take extreme caution and will not be liable should the user claim any damage. Inspection identifies the condition of a card as we received it. If a package is deemed damaged once it arrives, we will notify you, the sender about the proper steps going forward. You the sender may have to contact the Shipper remedy any issues.
A copy of this agreement and our online submission form MUST be included inside the package. Printable form will be available after initial step is completed. Paladin Cards reserves the right to refuse any customer submission at our discretion.

Payments & Submission Charges:
Once Grading is complete, Paladin Cards will send an invoice to you, the sender. Failure to pay the invoice, will result in forfeiture of the submission and the submission will become the property of Paladin Cards, to recoup the cost of grading.
These will only go on the Grading Service Policy on the policy drop downs

Paladin Cards (USA) only accepts orders from within the United States. If a user attempts to send their cards to us from outside this zone, we reserve the right to refuse the items at the border. The sender will be subject to any import duty to receive them back. Should they pass through the border legally, there will be a minimum charge of $100 to return the items back to you. Every effort will be
taken to send the package back to the address identified on the package, but the package will not be opened, verified, or considered received.

Payments & Submission Charges:

1. Paladin Cards will send an invoice to the customer upon completion of the Grading Process. Paladin Cards will ensure that all graded cards returned from TGA are in the correct configuration ordered.
2. TGA may levy additional fees to customers based on the assessed value of the package. If additional fees are levied, Paladin cards WILL pass on all additional fees to the customer.
3. Any notice of additional fees will be presented, and proof will be provided to the submitter as soon as Paladin Cards is aware of the upcharges.
4. Failure to pay a balance due of any sort for 6 months is a voluntary forfeiture of the submission in its entirety and the sender is agreeing that Paladin Cards may do whatever necessary to recoup any unpaid balances.